We are alive an kickin’ Dino Style! :-)

Hello all you Dino fans. We successfully launched our new Dino funding drive. It was setup as a soft launch about two weeks ago, and have already received 18 Dino backers for a grand total of $12,705. That is truly awesome. Today is the official Dino launch on our quest to reach $48,000. We are looking to complete the drive by end of December, and start the animation in first quarter of 2011. Yehhhhh.

Oh, a quick but important side note. If you have donated $ in the first round of funding then those funds were never taken off your credit card as we didn’t reach out goal That is how the program worked. :( We had limited time to fully fund and we needed to be fully funded to receive the money. So,…. that is why we set up KickStart Dino 2.0

Thank you all for contributing to the development of quality children’s programming, for helping us get this awesome show off the ground and for being passionately engaged in the Dino process. Get ready for the ride:-)


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