OSCAR Oscar is the leader of the pack, cool dude, and lead singer of "DinoSOARIN", an all Dino pop music group. His house is where the Dino gang meets for the beginning of each adventure. Traveling via balloon, the fossil bus, a biplane or a multitude of other land, air or sea faring vehicle, it's Oscar that takes his friends on adventures around the globe and beyond. Because he’s traveled the world, he knows a thing or two about a thing or two, and that, according to Oscar, qualifies him to teach the four other Dinos. But, in true Dino style, when he least expects it, he’s the one being taught a few things. Name: Oscar Gender: Boy Age: 14 Color: Green Type of Dino: T-Rex Instrument: Lead Singer/Bass Guitar GRACIE Gracie is just simply cute. She has an adorable voice that she uses affectively to get attention, and, being the youngest of the Dino gang garnishes her extra attention. She is a consummate girly girl and loves to hang out with Kia. Gracie loves to finger paint the places she has visited and play word games with her band mates. Gracie is the group’s fashion bug and was the first with an MP3 FossilPod. When she's not being "hip" she spends her time making funny hats out of random household items…everything ends up on Gracie’s head. Name: Gracie Gender: Girl Age: 6 Color: Pink Type of Dino: TRICERATOPS Instrument: Guitar,Vocals HIGH TOWER High Tower keeps a keen eye out for fun exploring possibilities. He is an excited Dino that loves to play, laugh and sing. He is a very kind friend and always watches out for Gracie, the little sister he always wanted but never had. High Tower is also a very smart Dino and can recite the alphabet backwards, with his eyes closed while humming through his nose. Although High Tower started playing piano at the tender age of one, Moog Synthesizers are now where it's at for this musical Dino. Name: High Tower Gender: Boy Age: 9 Color: Blue Type of Dino: BRACHIOSAURUS Instrument: Keyboard Player EMILIO Emilio is kind hearted, sporty and about three feet tall. Always on the go and ready for adventure, Emilio is the quintessential go to guy for all things wild and crazy. Although his attention span is somewhat short, Emilio clearly understands everything he has learned and can repeat it back on a moments notice. If you want to go rock climbing on Mount Vesuvius, well then Emilio will be there to show you how. Want to learn how to "kickflip" your skate board? Then Emilio is your Dino. All things cool and exciting are on his "things to do" everyday list of fun things to do! If adventure was Emilio’s last name, then drummer would be his first. Although he has a constant need for excitement, playing the skins with his gang actually calms down this fidgety little fella. Name: Emilio Gender: Boy Age: 7 Color: Gray Type of Dino: DILOPHOSAURUS Instrument: Drums KIA Kia is in love with all things of color. Flowers, rainbows, butterflies and candy-corn gumdrops are all on Kia's "ohhh that's pretty" radar. Kia also loves to learn and partakes in everything that has to do with learning. She's curious, inquisitive and hungry for information, always wanting to dig deeper and find hidden truths. She is an avid reader and has no problem adding in information about a specific subject, even if it seems a bit mature for this young inquiring Dino. Kia has a very kind, yet very soft voice, that you have to almost strain to hear but, in true E.F Hutton-eez, when Kia talks, everyone listens. Name: Kia Gender: Girl Age: 7 Color: Orange Type of Dino: STEGOSAURUS Instrument: Backup Singer/Tambourine