DINO PREMISE DinosaurUs ExploreUs: 39 x 7 & 39 x 1min, 2D / 3D Animation, targeted at the transition age kids 5-8, about a small pack of curious dinosaurs exploring the wondrous creations of human kind. With thousands of artifacts, structures, and objects waiting to be explored, this visually unique combination of 2D illustration and 3D animation combines original music, songs and fresh ideas in a cross between Schoolhouse Rock, Archaeology Magazine and How it's Made, that introduces children to human innovations, exploration, and imagination. DinosaurUs ExploreUs, are seven minute 2D/3D animated episodes with one minute music videos that will open up a whole new world of discovery for kids. Did you know that the Egyptians invented the First Clock run by water? That The Great Wall of China is the only man-made structure seen from space, or that the 151 ft Statue of Liberty was shipped to the US in 350 individual pieces and packed in 214 crates? To a small pack of dinosaurs, this world and it’s people are a remarkable lot, full of ingenuity and boundless creativity. With Oscar leading the way, join Emilio, Kia, Hightower, and Gracie as they travel the globe exploring locations, cultures, and humanity’s greatest achievements.